Touchscreen Computer-Controlled Coffee Machine Provides Spit-Free Drinks

Illustration for article titled Touchscreen Computer-Controlled Coffee Machine Provides Spit-Free Drinks

This computer-controlled coffee machine created by Reko Maenpaa is the king of tech in coffee technology, creating a cup of joe in under 30 seconds while sporting a 8" touchscreen and the innards of a PC. Outfitted with an Intel 500 MHz Pentium 3 processor, ATX motherboad and a GeForce MX 440 graphics card, the coffee machine screen can be viewed through your TV via Wi-Fi, ordered through your WAP phone or through your web browser for ultimate utility (and by that, I mean laziness). Even better, maybe Maenpaa could rig additional options and create an automated espresso machine. Until then, I suppose only a (lightly steamed to 160 degrees please) soy hazelnut decaf dry cappucino that's spit-free will only exist in my dreams.

[Product Page via Born Rich]


This thing is an eyesore. Also, what's the point of the touchscreen? Am I mistaken, or was there no sort of menu on that thing? The guy using it just touched the screen twice and coffee came why is that better than a button? Because it can display a picture? The picture doesn't take away from the fact that this looks like it was made by a high school kid in a metal working shop class. I could understand it if it was just an engineering exercise or proof of concept, but I don't really see the marketability.