Track North Korea's Terror Death Satellite Live in Space

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North Korea's satellite is wobbling out of control, and might rain down fiery death debris at any moment. Want to make sure you're not underneath when the sky falls? Track the thing in realtime right here.


As I type this, the Bright Star-3 "weather satellite" (death weapon) is over Antarctica. Tomorrow? Who knows. Washington, DC. []



Judging by the fact it's losing almost(!) 1 KM of altitude every minute, and it's 584 km up, it has about 9 hours and 45 minutes left until it impacts. That's a rough estimate.

So at the speed of 4.77 miles per second it's gonna travel 174,000 miles until impact.

At the height of 580, a full orbit takes 96 minutes to complete.

So if it has 9 hours and 45 minutes left in the air, and it takes 96 minutes for its full rotation, it's gonna make about 6.083 revolutions left, so all in all my prediction is it's going down in the pacific.

And I don't mean to sound educated on the subject, I'm an aviator, not a astronomer. Just using logic and some calculations based off the fact it's losing 1 km roughly every minute.