Tumblr Finally Launches Its iPad App

It's been a long time coming, but Tumblr has announced an update to its iOS app that finally makes it compatible with iPad and iPad mini.

Built for the big screen, the app uses a sidebar for navigation—something you'll be used to from Facebook—and a new radial menu for selecting post types. There're other features, sure—quick re-blogging, neat pinch-to-zoom tricks, and general speediness thanks to being coded natively for iOS—but the real benefit is the fact that you no longer have to use a scaled-up version of the iPhone app.


How come it took so long? Apparently, Tumblr was keen to only roll out an iPad app which was coded up natively for iOS as opposed to relying on HTML. It managed that feat for the iPhone app over the summer, and then shifted focus to iPad. [Tumblr]

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