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Uncharted Reveals First Pic of Ex-Nathan Drake Hanging With Nathan Drake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland in this still from the upcoming Uncharted movie.
Turn off the flashlight, Tom, you’re embarrassing Mark Wahlberg.
Image: Sony

What do you think Mark Wahlberg, who was going to be the star of the movie adaptation of the hit action-adventure game Uncharted for what seems like a million years, is thinking as he stands behind Tom Holland, the star of the Uncharted movie?

This new image, the first of Wahlberg as Nathan Drake’s mentor and co-adventurer Victor “Sully” Sullivan, comes to us from a New York Times article about how movie studios are looking to turn more video games into live-action and how the quality of video game adaptations has improved over the past few years. This strikes me as somewhat humorous, given Uncharted’s hellish, 13-year road to the big screen, which has somehow resulted in an origin movie for a character who’s never needed an origin story, and whose rugged good looks have somehow been replaced with Tom Holland’s adorable babyface. And, the greatest sin of all: Wahlberg’s Sully doesn’t even have his iconic mustache. Honestly, the mustache would be the most exciting part of this still, had it existed. As is, it’s just a couple of dudes wearing navy, one of whom is using a flashlight in what is quite clearly a warmly lit room.

At least it seems Sully will don his glorious ‘stache at some point in the movie after images of Wahlberg sporting a big, fuzzy caterpillar on his upper lip surfaced last year. I certainly hope so, as I would never even known he was supposed to be playing Sully if he hadn’t been clearly mentioned as such. Honestly, I was either totally unaware of or had completely forgotten that Wahlberg had returned to the project as Sully, so for an instant, I thought the actor had snuck onto the set to murder Holland for usurping his role.


The Uncharted movie is purportedly coming out on February 18, 2022. But seriously, it’s been 13 years since the film was first announced. What’s another couple of years?

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