Use These Stickers to Show How You're Conserving Water

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You may have noticed that half of the United States is currently suffering from drought. Some whole states are drought-stricken. Katie McKissick, author of the webcomic Beatrice the Biologist, has noticed that people in her home of Los Angeles are not really acting as if there's a massive water shortage in the state. So she made some patches for people to make people more aware.

On Scientific American, McKissick writes:

California is in the throes a serious drought, but driving around Los Angeles, you wouldn't know it. Lush, green lawns. Sprinklers going off in the middle of the afternoon when much of the water will just evaporate. People using the hose to (inexplicably) clean off their sidewalk. I refer to people who maintain these habits as "water jerks."

My backyard has grass, and when my husband and I moved in almost a year ago, we promptly stopped watering it. We haven't yet replaced it with native plants, rocks, and other such water-saving landscape, so it's just… yellow grass. But my dead backyard for now is proof that I care about water conservation, and I refuse to waste hundreds upon hundreds of gallons a water a month just to keep some grass green.


To that, we would add that Los Angeles is also a place that will pay you to get rid of your grass. We look forward to the day that children who refuse to bathe try to use water conservation as an excuse.