In general, QR codes are pretty lame. But here's a wonderful little exception: codes applied to grocery store meat, allowing you to quickly dig up your next dinner's history. Where was it raised? Who raised it? Eat better.

The WhereFoodComesFrom program was launched by Heinen's, purveyors of tasty beef and pork things I'd like to put in my mouth. But on a supermarket shelf, they're just one of many slaughterhouses. This is where the QR code comes in: scan it, and each package of flesh will have a backstory: you can read about the families that might have raised the animal, how it was treated, and where they are. All this information ensures you're not about to scarf down some factory-created, steroid-injected bacon that grew up living in its own feces.


This is the kind of data that'll soon be pushed off onto NFC tags, but in the meantime, I'd love to see the tech licensed to, say, every meat, dairy, and produce item in the supermarket. [WhereFoodComesFrom via FoodBeast]

Meat image: Elena Moiseeva/Shutterstock

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