Vauxhall's New Panoramic Windshields

Vauxhall (a European car brand) is introducing a panoramic windshield option to their new Astra GTC model cars. The windshield extends up and past your head, meaning you have a view of everything from in front of you to right behind your noggin. This eliminates the steel above the windshield, which means if you ever flip your vehicle there's less protection for your skull. That's the tradeoff you make to get the feeling that you're in an open space. That, and the sun directly shining in your eyes from above, but there's a power shade that can be pulled forward to shield yourself in case of a sunny day.

Car lovers in the US will just have to wait and see if GM's Ion, which is based on the Astra, will have this same panoramic windshield as an option.


Vauxhall Astra Panoramic lets drivers soak up the sun [Autoblog via Mobilemag]

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