Verizon to Allow FaceTime Over Cellular For No Extra Charge

Illustration for article titled Verizon to Allow FaceTime Over Cellular For No Extra Charge

While Verizon has been upfront about the fact that it won't let you keep grandfathered unlimited data plans with a new iPhone 5, it is softening on one point: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the carrier will let you use FaceTime for no extra charge, regardless of what data plan you're on.


Since launch, FaceTime has been limited to Wi-Fi. Now, though, iOS 6 allows connections to be made over cellular networks—but it obviously relies on the cooperation of carriers. Verge also reports that Sprint has also announced that it won't charge extra for FaceTime.

That's in stark contrast to AT&T, though, which recently ruffled feathers when it announced that its customers could only use FaceTime over cellular if they switched to one of its new shared data plans. Regardless of whether you pay for the privilege of using FaceTime or not, go easy: it's a sure-fire route to gobbling up your data allowance. [Wall Street Journal]


Between aT&T throttling after 5GB and now inability to use FaceTime over cellular, it might be time to switch for me. I wish someone would create a conversion chart for estimated LTE usage based on 3G usage. For example, what can I expect my LTE usage to be if I use 250 MB/ mo. on 3G?