Vibrating Car Seats Ensure Your Butt's the First To Know About Dangers

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A few days ago we reported on how a prototype vibrating steering wheel could provide GPS directions with minimal driver distraction. And now it turns out that Cadillac will implement a similar system using vibrating seats to grab a driver's attention.


The latest version of the Cadillac XTS will include General Motor's new Safety Alert Seat technology that can subtly alert the driver with unique vibrating pulse patterns on either side of their seat. It works in tandem with the vehicles' autonomous safety systems and sensors, and can warn a driver in situations where they're accidentally drifting between lanes, or backing up too close to another car when parking.


The driver will still be notified of problems with visual alerts as well, but the vibrating seat will guarantee they're aware of a problem no matter where they happen to be looking. And it's a considerably less annoying way to get their attention than with a beeping audible alert which can be dangerously jarring when you're behind the wheel. [General Motors]

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Neandy Erthal

All the "Lada" are equipped with this option. I should also mention that everything vibrates in the Lada :) to warn of the dangers of Russian life.