Video: Jobs Says "Fake Steve" is "Pretty Funny" and Other Semi-Revelations

You like the Steve Jobs? You hate the Steve Jobs? We gave you the textier version yesterday, now here's a clip of his All Things D appearance, in full technicolor moving picture, for you to comment on in your own special way.

Jobs on YouTube Weirdness, Windows Love and "Fake Steve"

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I actually thought the review was pretty good. It shows more of his normal side and not the side that gives that "boom" when he releases things. The whole BOOM factor is really just his way of selling things, and its quite effective from what I've seen. What I do think is that when he mentions the fact that the Apple TV is a hobby, he's not far off from saying that no ones really succeeded in the area. Granted that a lot of people have media centers that work great for them, BUT no one has really made a device that EVERYONE owns. The iPod is exactly what everyone does have or has had and thats really what I think has come out of it. At the same time Id say that media centers have a lot to go through within the next 10 years before we even consider to lock into such a device. This may not even happen considering how tech in that area keeps getting more sophisticated (or just gimmicks us to believe the hype).