Video of PS3 and PSP Dancing Over WiFi: Playstation's Remote Play Trivial

Here's a clip of the PS3 and PSP playing well together over WiFi. If you've forgotten, Remote Play is a mode on the PS3 that lets you use a PSP handheld as both a controller and a remote screen for the Playstation over WiFi. The thing is, all you can do is browse the net, which you can already do on the PSP. And you can hit up the vids, photos, and videos on the PS3. But not access the Blu ray discs. Too bad, streaming downsized Blu ray over WiFi would be pretty fantastic.

Also, the PS3 becomes unusable in any other form while its in Remote Play mode. And...


In remote play, the PS3 becomes an access point, and the PSP needs to hook up to it Ad Hoc. At least that's how it went for us. Mainly, because the PS3 wouldn't let us set up an AP that was WEP, it wanted to go to WAP on our G network. Anyhow, its fine: the PS3 remained connected to our main internet access point while this was going on.

Also, the PSP isn't doing any sort of PS3 interface in emulation. It's actually streaming a video of the PS3 interface over WiFi. Like the LocationFree TV. In fact, its probably using the same code, since the PSP has the LocationFree client built in.

All Things PS3 [Gizmodo]


I'm getting rather irritated with people scoffing at the remote play feature. I think it's a quite biased point of view. If Microsoft were to announce that the Zune can stream Xbox360 downloaded media content over its wi-fi feature, everyone wouldn't shut up about how cool that is. (Note: this could very likely put Zune on the map... anyone taking notes?). The Playstation brand is not ALL about gaming. Get over it. I, personally, love the multimedia computer aspect of both systems as much as the gaming. I'm sure many other people do too, as sales will indicate.

PS: I agree this feature isn't terribly practical at the time, but once they enable remoteplay over infastructure, it could be pretty cool.