Video of Skydiving Couple Having Sex Being "Investigated"

This must be the most stupid investigation of the year after the Capitol Police reaction to The Onion's fake tweets: local police and the FAA are investigating a couple who had sex while skydiving.


Fortunately, it seems the prudes aren't going to win this one. The video was filmed by a porn star and some woman. They start to have sex in the plane and then continue to do it after they jump. The local authorities can't do anything about it because nobody saw it in the air and everyone in the video is of legal age. The FAA can't do anything about it either, since there are no policies about sex in planes. They say that, if the "activity" could affect the pilot's ability to concentrate, then it could be a violation of FAA flight regulations.


The video doesn't show any distractions, however. The pilot just looks straight and looks back to make sure everything is ok with the porny skydivers before the jump, just like he would do with regular skydivers. Just a lot more fun. [kget via NBC]

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So where can I find the video? I don't actually see the problem here. There were no initial complaints, nothing illegal, no regulations broken, nothing except that it frowned upon. Parents had a problem with their kids watching and sharing the video. They shouldn't have any real beef with the people that made the video, but with the discipline on their children.