Vintage Gaming Ties Futilely Subvert Corporate Authority

Illustration for article titled Vintage Gaming Ties Futilely Subvert Corporate Authority

If a red tie is considered to exude power and authority at some business lunch, then an Asteroids tie must allude to nothing less than intergalactic domination.


Oh, who are we kidding? You have a crappy office job (whether you make a lot of money or not) that doesn't allow you to sit around and play video games in your underwear all day. And nothing about these $25 polyester gaming ties can change that.

But you know what works? Sneak a DS into your desk drawer and take really long bathroom breaks. [Amazon via OhGizmo!]



Make skinny versions and I'm in. (For the Asteroids one at least).

I never purchased the Asteroids snowboarding jacket but I seriously liked it.

Hey, someone make a full suit in Asteroids print! It could be the new pinstripe!