Visualizing the Most Dangerous Blocks In Your City

Go-to real estate hub Trulia has expanded its offerings to include heat maps of the parts of town you try to avoid after dark. It's remarkable how much better—or worse—it can make you feel about where you live.


The information Trulia uses to power these sortable—by location, crime, and time of perpetration—displays isn't anything new; sites like and, among others, have been making local crime statistics publicly available for years. But when it's all laid bare for you, and you start seeing some yellow/orange seeping into your cul de sac, well, you may just take that neighborhood watch a little more seriously.

Fifty metropolitan areas are currently available, so for now if you don't live near a major city you can pretend that your crime rate is zero and put the sheriff's department on furlough. At least, that's the road I've chosen. [Trulia via FastCoDesign]

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