Volkswagen/Apple iCar On Hold, Upper Middle Class Weep

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If you've been looking forward to a possible Volkswagen + Apple car, or iCar, you'll have to wait slightly longer as talks between the two companies have just been put on hold. The bad news is that the exploratory talks are at an end, but the good news is that there were exploratory talks to begin with. VW fans and Apple fans overlap pretty well (picture a Venn Diagram with Batman on one circle and Bruce Wayne on the other), and will be willing to purchase any type of iCar that will eventually be sloshed forth from the combined loins. [Presseportal via German Car Blog via Jalopnik]

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@strider_mt2k: As far as I'm concerned, German engineering and manufacturing produce a lot of superior automotive components. Bodies and powerplants spring readily to mind. There are two systems that I would never trust in a German vehicle, though: transmission and electronics.

My family and closest friends have had two Beetles, two Jettas (VR6 and Wolfsburg Ed.), and a Passat. Every single one of them spent lengthy periods in the shop at various points in their lives (in and out of warranty) for electrical and transmission problems. With the price they paid for those vehicles, that's just ridiculous. Live and learn, I guess.

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