Vote for the Most Important Gadget of the Year: Round 3

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Round 2 of our Most Important Gadget of the Year tournament is in the books, and you made some, let's say, interesting choices to get us down to just eight gadgets. You might be pretty surprised about what made the cutoff.

There were a few big upsets this round, like the iPhone not making the final four, and the Lytro Camera and Chevy Volt both taking a dive in an earlish round. But there's still plenty of deciding to do before we're down to one.


As a quick reminder, the gadgets were seeded by where we sort-of-kind-of expected them to land, and will be advancing through their remaining matchups based on those seeds—the same way it works in the NCAA.

Let's get to it:

MacBook Air (2011) vs. Kindle 4

The MacBook Air beat out the iPhone, but now it's got the how-is-it-still-winning Kindle 4 on its hands.


Lumia 800 vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Windows Phone and Android both outlast the iPhone, but now it's a brawl between the Lumia 800 and Galaxy Nexus to see which phone (and maybe OS) was the most notable of the year.


iPad 2 vs. Canon S100

This matchup has the winners of two relative upsets (iPad over Chevy Volt; S100 over Lytro) up against each other.


Kindle Fire vs. Galaxy Tab 10.1

Showdown of not-an-iPad tablet contenders, Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab.


Join us every day this week as we—no, you—crown the most important gadget of the year, playoff style.


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Lana, Lana,...LANAAAAAA!!!

I really think that the fact that Chevy Volt got voted down shows folks don't understand what the word "important" means