Vudu Box Price Drops $100, Still Gonna Cost You $300

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Starting right now, the price of the standard Vudu setup is $300, down from $400, but still a tad higher than we'd like to pay for the convenient no-subscription pay-per-view VOD box. What? You bought one during the past month and are kicking yourself? That's okay—check in with Vudu customer service, and you'll get $100 in credit towards movie rentals or purchases. The first two Bourne movies will be free (in HD) on any box you buy, and there are now other free movies too, mostly dusty old flicks from bygone days, but still. TV shows are also popping on the Vudu service, and some will start at just 50 cents. Still, is it worth $300? Perhaps we'll have to square it off against the new Apple TV to find out. Oh, and that 500-movie Vudu XL box will still cost $999. [Vudu]




I have a Vudu and it's pretty amazing. The remote is an ergonomic work of art that belongs in MOMO. With only a few buttons it shoots through menus and the box has a fluidly fast response to it. Also, there's even an antenna on the back for the remote giving it great range. The box has a small profile and it comes with all the cables you need, HDMI, etc. I've had support interaction and it has been fantastic! These guys deserve to succeed. The programming selection is huge; the only downside is some can only be purchased in full not rented which I don't really care for. Otherwise, this is a well designed box with a great UI and good programming. I cheer the addition to the competition and wish them the best. Anyone want my HD DVD player?