Walking on the Walls is Weirdly Equivalent to Walking on the Moon

Who needs 1980s music videos when you can have actual scenes from NASA astronaut training programs?

In 1964, NASA’s Langley Research Center was focused on helping astronauts train for the unknown challenges awaiting them during the Apollo moon landings. In order to test out how astronauts would navigate challenges under one-sixth reduced lunar gravity, researchers strung their test subjects up with a series of slings. With 5/6th of his weight supported by the sling, the test subject still had the freedom of movement to hop, jump, walk, and stroll under simulated lunar gravity. At least, as much freedom as was permitted by the stiff, encumbering space suit.


August 1, 1968: The first step of practicing a moon walk on the Earth is to defy gravity and walk sideways for a researcher at the Lunar Landing Research Facility gantry. Image credit: NASA

Top image: Walking sideways is pretty much moonwalking, right? Credit: NASA

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