Warner Music Profits and the Sky Are Down, Digital Sales and Pigs Are Up

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As much we like to joke about the new music economy stripping rappers of their fourth Bentley and downgrading their 60-inch plasmas to 42-inchers, Warner Music actually did take a hard beating this past quarter, losing almost $7 million in profit versus last year's—more than half, for a take of $5 million. While profits were down, digital sales shot up 25 percent to pull in $130 million, though that didn't particularly mollify the industry-wide 14 percent plunge in CD sales this year. Raise your hand if you're shocked, shocked.

To go all Energizer bunny and keep beating the drum, the only way they're going to right the ship to continuing sailing on oceans of green is take their own CEO's diatribe on the piss-poor state of the industry to heart. His past remarks show he's clearly less clueless than the CEO of the largest record label, and he's managed to keep Warner as the only Big Four label still publicly traded.


On the other hand, for all his acuity, perhaps what he really needs is some common sense and maybe some face-time with us common folk consumers who just wanna be able to buy his product with reasonable terms (no DRM) at decent prices. [Yahoo!/Reuters, Flickr]

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It is funny how everyone is picking on the music industry. There is a very simple answer to these issues but it will require consumers to be moral, honest, and show some restraint. If you don't want to pay for the music, don't buy it. It is that simple. If you don't like 50 don't listen. If you don't like Radiohead, don't buy it. It is simple. If you don't like the resolution on a TV you don't steal it do you? Know you show restraint and wait until you find the TV that you want.

And why are you shitting on musicians for making money. Everyone wants to make money and they way they do it by...wait...making music. So if they make enough money to buy what the fuck they want, they should be able to buy what they want. I swear it pisses me off every time people justify STEALING music because they are already rich. That is like stealing software. Or someone stealing Gizmodo's content. All you would piss a fire and shit brimstone if you found out another website was posting identical articles on the internet and getting paid for it like it was there own.

I will fall back. This can go on forever. The bottom like is if you don't like it, don't buy it. Stealing it is not going to make you like it. Pay for it. Musicians spend real money, just like you and they should be treated with the same respect for their services as you expect for yours.

Yeah they make lots of money, but so does Warren Buffet and your not stealing his intellectual property. You know why because it is not as easy and they would throw your punk ass in jail. So don't complain when you get caught, or when some else gets caught.

A thief is a thief, whether you steal a song or you steal the hope diamond.


I would go back and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes, but I care about as much as you care about what I just wrote.