Watch A Drone Flight Through Cavernous Underground Tunnels

The Crossrail project that's digging London a new subway system is nearly finished — which means there's a bunch of freshly-dug tunnels lying there, devoid of trains and just begging for a drone to fly through. Thankfully, the BBC was on hand with a spare quadrotor or two.


Following four months of negotiation — man, those meetings must have been fun! — the BBC managed to get access to the Crossrail tunnels, and brought in a specially-trained pilot with a GoPro-laden DJI Phantom to make the most of it.

In addition to the final clip, there's also a good behind-the-scenes look, mostly consisting of one very nervous pilot trying not to crash his drone into all the Health & Safety people.

It's also an interesting look at how broadcast media might start using drones in the near future — the clip was filmed for a news segment, after all. Although, this was filmed in London, and unfortunately, most of the shots (any where the drone was out of sight of the operator) would be too darn risky stateside, according to the FAA. [BBC]

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