Watch a Girl Sculpt Zuckerberg's Face with Books

The adorable Hong Yi is an uber creative artist who has used basketballs and coffee cup stains for her art. This time around she did something even more clever: she carved Mark Zuckerberg's face from a bunch of books. Get it, face... book.

It's a pretty inventive piece, Hong says she was inspired by some facade systems from Hassell, the architecture company she works for. She carefully sliced the edges of a Game of Thrones book because it was the thickest she could find (don't worry, no words were cut off) to create the grooves necessary to make zuck's face.

Illustration for article titled Watch a Girl Sculpt Zuckerberg's Face with Books

As you can see up close, the cuts are precise and don't even look like much. But after 7 days and 36 carved books later, you can see Zuckerberg's face come to life. [Oh I See Red, Hong Yi Facebook]

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I liked this artist until she did this. Zuck is a doucher.