Watch As A Hacker Frees This Telepresence Robot From Its Confinement

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A robotics company recently made one of its telepresence units accessible over the Internet for a public demonstration. But to keep it from going astray, the device was confined to an office — an unacceptable constraint that one crafty user interpreted as a challenge.

The free public demo was set up by Double Robotics. Potential customers could drive a demo of the company's telepresence robot around a small room to get a feel for the device. Needless to say, it didn't take long for at least one user to wonder how they could break free from the enclosed environment. But on one fateful day, a worker left the door just slightly open.

As Rick Osgood notes at HackaDay, it's not a hack in the typical sense, but it's a perfect example of the hacker mindset:

You are given some new technology and explore it to the extent at which you are supposed too. After that, many people would just toss it aside and not give it a second thought. Those with the hacker mindset are different, though. Our next thought is usually, "What else can I do with it?" This video demonstrates that in a fun and humorous way. Hopefully the company learns its lesson and puts a leash on that thing.


Osgood brings up a good point. Sure, it's funny today — but just wait until people start hacking into more sophisticated and powerful robots.

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