Watch the Stars of Doctor Who Spend Time Together (Remotely)

“No sir! All... ten?”
No sir! All... ten?
Image: BBC

Last night in the UK, the BBC and charities Comic Relief and Children in Need hosted a special fundraising event called The Big Night In to raise money for UK healthcare workers currently on the front lines of the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. So of course some Doctors of an altogether different sort showed up, too!


Doctor Who has a long history of association with Comic Relief and Children in Need’s charitable efforts, frequently creating special shorts and dropping trailers as part of telethon broadcasts.

Last night was no exception, kicking off with David Tennant and Catharine Tate reprising familiar roles from a prior Comic Relief skit that saw Tennant’s 10th Doctor pose as a school teacher to Tate’s infamous sketch show character Lauren Cooper, known for...well, asking if she is or is not “bovvered.” It was a different time. At least she’s on TikTok now?

It’s very silly, even if the Doctor Who references this time were more like cheeky little gags (the WHO one, in particular, wasn’t half bad!) than explicitly part of the sketch itself. But what was more overt was Doctors from across Who’s eras, from Tom Baker to Jodie Whittaker—and even new renegade incarnation Jo Martin—coming together to share a speech in tribute to the real-life Doctors and careworkers of the NHS:

Just what the Doctor ordered. If you’re based in the UK and would like to donate to Comic Relief and Children in Needs’ efforts, you can do so here.

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Damn, that made me smile. It would have been even better if they got Christopher Eccleston and David Bradley as well, but I understand if they couldn’t. Just seeing all those Doctors, new and old, was awesome enough.

For the next season of DW, I really hope we get some adventures of the Fugitive Doctor and some of her companions — I had an idea where they could switch back and forth between Whittaker and Martin every other episode — since Jo Martin was excellent as the Doctor in the limited screen time she had.