Watch This Documentary And Remember Why SeaWorld Sucks

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SeaWorld is back in the news in a big way this week. First, the park announced an ill-timed, controversial expansion. Then, someone finally claimed responsibility for a highly-visible protest against the park back in May which changed the freeway signage to "Sea World SUCKS."


The man behind the prank was none other than Jackass hero Steve-O, who was nice enough to post a video this week to show us exactly how he did it. He's no Richard Ankrom, but I gotta give him some credit for making the process look exciting. And for taking a stand against SeaWorld.

If all of this is making you wonder why exactly you should be spouting your blowhole towards the marine animal-themed amusement park, take the one hour and 23 minutes to watch Blackfish, the highly acclaimed documentary about the park and its practices. I remember the outrage when it was released a year ago but I hadn't watched it until recently. I was shocked by the dark narrative behind a place I'd loved going as a kid.

Even more impressive is how much the film has made an impact in just one year. Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite says that revenue at the park has continued to plummet—part of the reason for the sudden redesign—and a bill has been introduced in California that would ban keeping orcas in captivity. You can watch it on iTunes or Netflix tonight and be a part of that change. [Blackfish]

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i always felt places like SeaWorld and even zoo's where actually quite terrible. Then I saw blackfish and I just got pissed off.

Everyone should give it a watch on Netflix. Its incredibly informative and despite the subject matter it's entertaining.