Watch This Enormous Floating Crane Lift a Giant Piece of an Offshore Gas Platform

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As a fan of huge machineries I have watched this time lapse video at least five times in a row, and I am still speechless. It was produced by News On Request for Norwegian multinational oil and gas company Statoil, and you can watch how an amazingly huge section of the Aasta Hansteen offshore rig spar gets lifted and placed with extreme accuracy.

The new Norwegian gas platform is currently being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea, and once complete it will be the first spar installation on the Norwegian continental shelf, consisting of a vertical column moored to the seabed in water depths of 1,300 meters. First production at the Aasta Hansteen field will be started in 2017.

Look at how big everything is! I recommend you to compare all the cranes to each other at this construction site. How the truck crane, and even the standard construction cranes, look tiny beside the gigantic floating one.


[News On Request via gCaptain h/t Annalee]