We Are So Close To Getting an Actual Daughters of the Dragon Team-Up

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We already have Misty Knight being one of the many bright spots of Luke Cage. Colleen Wing looks very promising in what little we’ve seen of Iron Fist so far. Now we know that both characters are going to be in The Defenders, so Netflix, Marvel, please: give us the Misty/Colleen team-up show after this clearly monumental meeting of characters.

Over the past few days Netflix has slowly been confirming that basically every supporting character from Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones will appear in The Defenders—Misty was confirmed a few days ago, and today the company took to Twitter with a tiny new snippet of Iron Fist footage to confirm that Colleen was tagging along for the show too:


Just as Luke Cage and Danny Rand developed a partnership as the Heroes for Hire in Marvel’s comics—another team-up we’d love to see happen for their Netflix counterparts—Colleen and Misty have also paired up on and off over the years. They formed their own investigative business called Knightwing Restorations, but they were frequently referred to, and even got a brief miniseries as, the much more awesomely named Daughters of the Dragon.

But come on, Netflix. We know Punisher came about partially due to the reaction Jon Bernthal got for his performance in Daredevil season two. If Misty and Colleen get to be awesome and ass-kicking together in The Defenders, can we pretty please get a Daughters of the Dragon spin off? I need Simone Missick and Jessica Henwick taking cases and kicking butt in my life, sharpish.