Are you looking for something "different" in your life? Watching Japanese girls apologize or say "I love you" turn you on? Simultaneously? Then you're strange, but hey, there is something that caters just to your tastes.

For Japan's upcoming Apology Day, an interactive website by the name of Ayamari Bijin offers 31 different girls apologizing in video messages, along with stacks of photos of them looking "remorseful". You can even find out their blood types! The best thing is that as they're all speaking in Japanese, you don't have the flipping faintest idea what they're actually apologizing for. You could pretend it's for actually daring to ask for a cuddle after sexytimes last night. Or perhaps for squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end.


Perhaps you're a more vanilla kind of guy, in which case you'd rather hear Japanese girls say how much they love you? Either way, if you can't speak Japanese, it's much of a muchness. For $25, the Hougen CD has 600 different girls saying "I love you" in their various Japanese dialects.

So what'll it be tonight, men? Apologies or confessions of love? [Japan Trends and CrunchGear]