Welcome 2014 with this awesome movie trailer mashup

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With cunning use of cuts and music, Mark Brandon's got us all excited for this year's movies. Everything's going to be epic. Even the Muppets. Actually, especially the Muppets.

With the exception of Maybe 22 Jump Street, is amazing how well all of these trailers cut together. Maybe it's because so many of them are from action-y genre movies, but it almost works as a single trailer. (Minus the bit where it names all the movies.) I'd watch it. I'm trying to figure out a plot that combines them all right now.


And if nostalgia's more your speed, check out Brandon's tribute to 2013, and relive the great and not-so-great from the year past. Or, if you're me, go "I totally forgot that came out last year!" over and over again.