We've Discovered the Fossilized Remains of a Griffin

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Nobody believed it could be done. Griffins are just mythological animals, right? But then mytho-archaeologists invented the multiverse engine, and we began to see our natural history in a whole new light.


This incredible image by Finnish artist and science writer Maija Karala shows the skeleton of a dinosaur, Protoceratops, which anthropologist Adrienne Mayor believes may have inspired the griffin legends of antiquity. It's possible that desert nomads may have stumbled across such a skeleton over 5,000 years ago, and spun legends based on it.

You can see more of Karala's gorgeous paleoart on her Deviant Art page. Or you can read her blog here.



...so we didn't discover the fossilized remains of a griffin?

Boooooo. Bad Headline. Booooo.