What Did You Do with Your Old iPhone?

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Now that you've spent a lustful weekend filled with heavy breathing, groping, and maybe even licking the iPhone 5, you can't go back to your old iPhone anymore. So what do you guys usually do with it? Sell it to some poor sap on Craigslist? Use it as an iPod? Hand it down to relatives? Store it as a collectable?


This goes for any phone that you've replaced by the way, what happens to it after you get a new one? For some reason, I refuse to sell my old gadgets and just keep it in a drawer that I never open. Mini-hoarding or something, I guess.


I don't know what to do with my old one; it's incredibly annoying that AT&T refuses to let anyone I give my old iPhone to use it as a no-data phone. I know various people who might be quite happy with the iPhone's apps but have no particular need for non-wifi data, or at least, no desire to pay what it costs. The fact that AT&T assiduously checks IMEI info to prevent this seems like a huge source of pure waste. Either the iPhone goes unused, or someone has to buy a plain phone to go with it. Not very ecological, if nothing else.