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What Happens When All of Your Memories Get Erased

Gone are the days where we paste our pictures into big bulky photo albums. But what would happen if we didn't just store our pictures, but our entire memories in the cloud? One day, they could be completely wiped out, which is just what filmmaker Francois Ferracci explores in the short Lost Memories .


Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, the film takes place in 2020 Paris—a time and a place that aren't really that far off. A couple snaps photos that are immediately beamed into the air as holograms for instant editing and sharing. As the man is consumed with these digital projections, his girlfriend hands him a picture taken with a vintage Polaroid. At some point, she disappears, and the memory grid is erased, leaving him with just that one photograph as his only recollection of her. The whole scenario doesn't sound all that much like sci-fi, does it? The film is an stylish, interesting commentary, and it's going to make you run home and back up all your stuff on your external harddrive. And call your girlfriend. [PetaPixel]

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What would happen ? You'd be pissed off and annoyed, but it's not the end of the world. Before the mid-1800s, it was nearly impossible to store memories like today. There was no photography, video, or audio recordings. Memories had to be stored in one's mind, or written down on paper, or had an artist make a painting of it. I'm sure humans got by just fine for countless generation without this.