What If iOS Looked Like the Original Mac OS?

Illustration for article titled What If iOS Looked Like the Original Mac OS?

One of the iPhone's most striking qualities is iOS' beautiful interface. Still, I love this conceptual rendering of iOS made to look like the OS on the original Macs.


The iOS '86 concept by Anton Repponen wonderfully re-imagines the default iOS home screen in the style of the original Mac OS, down to the classic Chicago bitmap font. It's a neat idea that almost makes me wish I could skin my iPhone's beautiful 960x680 screen with an old low-resolution GUI—just to see if it looks this nice in real life. [Anton Repponen via 9to5Mac]


To bad Apple doesn't allow you to change anything about its operating systems. The lack of customizability to use custom themes and skins has always been the #1 deal-breaker for me. Windows, yes, Android, yes... hell, AmigaOS/Workbench, yes. Apple? Fuck you.