What’s Worse, Hiccups Or This Stick That Claims To Cure Them?

As this promotional video points out, there's an endless list of ridiculous tricks that will supposedly cure a bout of hiccups. But for whatever reason the makers of the Hiccup Stick-which you bite on while drinking a glass of water-don't feel this solution ranks among them. Not only that, they want you to shell out $8 for a plastic stick.


The "patent-pending" design of the Hiccup Stick apparently allows both water and air to flow at the same time when you take a drink. And that combined with the biting action causes your throat muscles to tense which instantly stops this hiccups. Does it actually work? Thankfully the Hiccup Stick doesn't look like it's more than just a plastic stick, so if you can dig up something similar at home, you might be able to try it for yourself (as demonstrated) and save a few bucks. [Hicural via The Red Ferret Journal]