What the sky would look like if you could see all the asteroids

Here’s a really cool visualization from astronomer Scott Manley that shows what our sky might look like if we could actually see all the asteroids. Asteroids aren’t visible to the naked eye because they’re too small to register but Manley was able to reveal the known asteroids and speed them up to exaggerate how they would look in real life.


It’s a really wonderful 360 degree video too. It imagines you standing on Earth and looking up at the night sky all around you. Play around with it by dragging the cursor around the video.

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I’d like to think that we’d spend a lot more time looking up if the sky looked like that. But it already looks pretty amazing and I don’t spend nearly enough time taking it in. I imagine if we had no electricty we’d talk about strange meteors we saw last night as we gathered around the water cooler the next day.