What Year Would You Back to the Future To?

An image from Universal’s “reimagined” Back to the Future recap.
An image from Universal’s “reimagined” Back to the Future recap.
Image: Universal

Happy Back to the Future Day, a time when we celebrate one of the greatest movie trilogies ever—and look back at all of those times we totally could’ve used a DeLorean to change our own family history.


Back to the Future is celebrating 35 years of great music, “heavy” time travel, and puffy vests in 2020—but today also marks five years since the DeLorean actually traveled to the far-flung future of 2015 in Back to the Future II. Since then, the franchise has gone on to spawn oodles of tchotchkes beyond the three films, including board games, video games, and constant rumors of a sequel that isn’t going to happen, so please stop asking.

As part of the festivities, Universal has released this amazing “reimagined” look at the first movie, featuring several artists and creators putting their own creative spin on the classic film.

For this latest anniversary of Back to the Future, we want to know what year you’d want to time travel to. Whether it’s to fix something from your past, prevent something disastrous from happening in the future, or just check out some sweet history. Personally, I would love to time travel about 200 years into the future, take some video of all the climate change problems that are bound to occur, then travel back and go, “Do you see it now?!”

Let us know in the comments what year you’d time travel to and what you’d do there. And yes, I’m sure there are plenty of us who are tempted to automatically respond “2016!” and for good reason, so let’s all share a good sigh as we accept the reality that 2016 would definitely benefit from Doc Brown’s interventions.


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Anyone else ever stop and and have the terrible ponderous thought that time travel IS possible, it has been done, and we’re actually living in the “best fixed” version of the timeline? And if you’re living in like 2268, it’s great.

But you are NOT living in 2268. So. Yeah.