What's the Most Absurd Big Foot Photo You've Ever Seen?

Only four days into 2015, and we already did it. We caught Big Foot. What a year!

Except that—this is probably not a picture of Big Foot. He (or she!) was probably not casually bathing in the middle of a shady, forested glen. And his fur is probably not made of polyester. That being said, John Rodriguez, the 66-year-old retired electrician who sent particular bit of art in to the Huffington Post, does deserve to be commended. This is without a doubt, the worst, most bizarre modern attempt at pawning off Big Foot evidence that I have ever seen.


But surely there must be worse (thus better) out there. So tell us, dear readers, what is the most absurd attempt at proving the existence of a Big Foot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, and/or fantastical being of your choosing, that you have ever seen? Let us know down below. [Huffington Post]

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