What's the worst failed attempt to create an awesome new hero?

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A lot of the most famous adventure heroes are getting kind of long in the tooth. Batman is turning 75, Doctor Who just turned 50. But injecting new blood? Harder than it looks. A lot of "new and awesome" heroes fail within the first year or two. But what's the weakest effort at creating a brand new badass hero from scratch?


Please include a picture or book cover or clip for your chosen hero. And please mention his or her name, plus where he or she was published, and why it was a sad effort. Thanks!

Top image: The Sentry from Marvel Comics.


Jason Krell

Name: Hancock

Why it was a sad effort: The idea of a apathetic, jerky superhero isn't entirely new, but making that superhero Will Smith was. People were excited and the potential was there for something interesting and entertaining (a rare combo!). And the first half was fine I suppose, but largely overshadowed by the god awful ending where Hancock's best buddy's wife turned out to be his super-counterpart that was destined to fall in love with him and when they get too close their powers disappear or some shit. I will always wonder what the writers were smoking to come up with that ass-pull of an ending. Or maybe it was one too many conversations with M. Night Shyamalan...