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When robots start acting like humans you can expect the worst

Corporations aren’t inherently evil, they’re only as greedy as the humans behind them. It’s the same thing with robots. Robots have no emotions—they’re just a pile of metal, screws and circuits—but they will be as mean, selfish, and avaricious as the people programming them.

Wire Cutters is a brilliantly crafted student film directed and animated by Jack Anderson. It tells the story of two robots from rival mining companies that meet by chance in a desolate planet.


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The animation was very well done, with excellent textures, movement and details; love the ‘desaturated”style allowing the accented greens and reds to pop against the grey background. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff and appreciate the effort from a student filmmaker. Related to nothing—I have an old horse and he swings his head around just like the larger Bot, which made me enjoy watching it even more. Only wish they would’ve come to some kind of understanding in the end, but I’m sure that’s osmotic Disney influence in my veins?!