Which Big Names Is X-Men: Apocalypse Considering for Jean Grey?

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The big bad of Captain America 3 could be someone we've already met. Who's playing a key figure in Batman v. Superman? Take our first look at Pixar's Inside Out. Natalie Dormer explains how she thinks Margaery Tyrell should die on Game of Thrones. And could another Flash/Arrow crossover happen soon? Spoilers now!


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X-Men: Apocalypse

Sources have given The Wrap names being considered for the roles of Jean Grey and Cyclops. For Grey, the names are Chloe Moretz, Elle Fanning, and Hailee Steinfeld. While the sources claim that the official test screening offers haven't gone out, the mentions of very recognizable names could mean that either she has a fairly large part in the film, or that they're casting in anticipation of later films. For Cyclops, the lower-profile names of Ben Hardy, Charlie Rowe, and Timothee Chalamet are being considered. [The Wrap]

Captain America 3: Civil War

Variety's Justin Kroll tweeted that Frank Grillo's Crossbones will be the main villain of the piece. Grillo, you may remember, was specifically shown alive at the end of The Winter Soldier, paving the way for his return. [via Indiewire]

Batman v. Superman

More and more speculation has been swirling around the filming of the death of Waynes — and now the old rumor has come back that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing Thomas Wayne. Add to that the photo of Thomas Wayne that looks like Morgan (below), and everyone's guessing that he might have been on set last week. [ Inquisitr]



Luke Greenfield, director of Let's Be Cops, has made a deal to write, direct, and produce the original science fiction project Slingshot. As usual, details are scarce, but descriptions mention it being inspired by E.T. and Back to the Future. [Deadline]


Inside Out

Here are first looks at two characters: Sadness and Disgust. The film follows the inside of a young girl named Riley's head as she moves homes and starts a new school, with everything she experiences being directed by a control room in her head and her emotions personified. Sadness, explains voice actor Phyllis Smith, is "is fun in a sad way. She is smart and always thinking ahead. Since many of her scenes are with Joy, I usually say Sadness is a ball and chain around Joy's ankle, and a challenge to Joy."


Disgust is voiced by Mindy Kaling, who is "very protective of Riley. She has high expectations for everyone around her and isn't very patient. Disgust is also very put-together because appearances matter to her." See videos and posters for each of the two below. [Mashable, Mashable]

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B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations

Dreamworks has delayed the release of B.O.O. from summer 2015, and hasn't named a new date. Which is an ominous sign for the film, which follows two recruits at an organization that employs ghosts to protect people from hauntings. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Here's the poster for the film starring Ethan Hawke as a time traveling special agent on a quest to stop a bomber — it's based loosely on Heinlein's "All You Zombies". [Crave Online]

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Game of Thrones

Natalie Dormer confirmed on Conan last night that she's wrapped filming on season five of Game of Thrones. She added that if Margaery is to die, a "white walker or a dragon might be good." [via Winter Is Coming]

The Flash

Greg Finley, who debuted as Girder last night, hinted at what's next for the villain:

There is more than one episode, and I'm not sure with the whole metahuman angle how many episodes I'll end up being in. But we will see a little bit of redemption for all the bad he's done. I think the audience will be thinking that was cool.


[Comic Book Resources]

EP Greg Berlanti answered that it's "absolutely" certain that Barry will either tell Iris he loves her or reveal his secret identity soon. He also explained why we shouldn't be waiting to see Grodd immediately after last week's tease:

I wouldn't say teased. I would say we're going to deal with it this year. The comparison I make is a little bit to Slade the first year on Arrow in the sense of we started with the mask in the pilot and then we saw which way we were going. He was, ultimately, in the back half of that first season even more than we would ever do with Grodd this first year because… We're going to have to get the technology right and all the stuff right to make it look and feel real. But a lot of times, we do this stuff not as a tease as much as a challenge to ourselves of, "Can we do it?" Grodd's definitely one of those, so we hope we pull it off.


He added that time travel will be dealt with in the winter. There might even be another Arrow crossover in the second half of the season:

We just started talking about that. It's so much fun to do. They're so hard to do. But I think they'll be so rewarding for everybody, ultimately, that that's our hope, for sure.


[TV Line]


Berlanti also took the time this week to explain what Felicity going on a date with Ray Palmer means for her relationship with Oliver:

There's nothing that she's ever going to feel that isn't going to be somewhat informed by her feelings for Oliver. You watched her kiss Barry [in The Flash Episode 4]. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have feelings for [Barry]; they're just different kinds of feelings.


We'll also get a lot more of Nyssa, including a flashback featuring an actress between the ages of 9-12 showing Nyssa was skilled young.

Greg Berlanti says that Lyla will be back in episode 7 and that there's a "pretty big development" for Lyla and Dig in the second part of the Flash/Arrow crossover. He also said that David Ramsey "just shot what I would describe as his most emotional scene, for Episode 10. It's a terrific scene between him and Laurel, and David breaks your heart with his performance." [TV Line]


And here's a script tease from episode 3.07. [via SpoilerTV]



Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki said that witches will play a huge role in this season:

PADALECKI: [Witchcraft] plays a lot.

ACKLES: I don't think that we've really gotten into the meat of that just yet.

PADALECKI: We've never delved into witches like we did delve into demons and angels and even vampires.

ACKLES: Leviathans.

PADALECKI: Leviathans, yeah. We've played around with witches but witches actually play a pretty large part in our storyline, even from like "Man's Best Friend," where there was a witch making a dog manifest itself as the servant, and Crowley was a witch before.

ACKLES: They've always been there.

PADALECKI: They've always been there and so now we get to delve into this part of the supernatural universe. I've read a few forward and we see witchcraft play integral parts in a few episodes coming up and I think it's a neat thing that we haven't seen. Sam and Dean have the thing they do with demons, they have the thing they do with vampires or with ghosts or zombies, but we haven't really seen them come head-to-head with witches too much so it's going to be a nice new arena to explore.


Padalecki explained that theme this season is very personal for the brothers:

The big bad, I think, is hard to specify at this point. We're going to see Crowley, Cas, Dean and Sam, all going through their own personal struggle—Dean with the Mark of Cain and where he was as a demon; and Sam with where he had to go to save Dean from the Mark of Cain and how far he will continue to go; and Cas dealing with his family and his past. He's been an angel for so long but I think we're going to see him kind of struggle with, "What else is there? What have I done to my human me?" It's a very human struggle. Even Crowley as the King of Hell, we saw one of his demon cronies resort to self-immolation to say I have troubles with the way you're running things, so we see these four characters that have been through so much. But [now], we're all going through very human struggles and we'll see where that takes us.Supernatural kind of plays with macro and then micro and then macro and then micro. So this year, we're definitely focusing on the specifics.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Once Upon a Time

Belle's "strength and heroism" will play a key part in the fall finale and we'll see another flashback to her time as Rumplestiltskin's prisoner. [TV Line]


Person of Interest

The November 25th episode will have Shaw and Root disagreeing on how to handle a Samaritan threat, with Sarah Shahi remembering a "lot of chicks on bikes." [TV Line]


The 100

At the link is a clip from tonight's episode, with Bellamy and Clarke's reunion. [E!]


Here's another clip:

The Originals

Yusuf Gatewood (Finn) has been bumped up to series regular. So get ready to see a lot more of the eldest Mikaelson. [Entertainment Weekly]


At the link is a clip from next week showing Rebekah and Hope's return. [E!]

The Librarians

An early review for the December show describes the new characters that are introduced in the first episode:

Aside from Finn, we got introduced to 4 other characters that were not in the films. Rebecca Romijn plays the role of Eve Baird, the leader of a counter-terrorism squad for NATO. Baird first encounters Finn whilst on a mission of her own. She later receives a letter which is slipped under her door inviting her to become guardian of the Librarian. When former applicants for the Librarian job are being killed off, Finn is tasked with finding the 3 who are still alive. Finn wants Eve to leave as he doesn't want her help, but she is persistent, and refuses to go. He eventually accepts that he is stuck with her. They both start of a little edgy toward one another, but by the end of the episode you will see how they both relate to each other, and share a lot more similarities than differences.

Finn and Baird track down each separate Librarian applicant. Each of them are unique in their own way, and have their own set of expertise. Christian Kane plays the role of Jacob Stone, who is a genius when it comes to all things art, architecture, and history related. Stone is equally skilled at fighting in which he demonstrates in the episode, as well as just how smart he is. Stone also adds some comedic value to the episode, especially in some scenes with Baird where they also share some friendly banter whilst in a compromising situation. We also have Lindy Booth who plays the role of Cassandra Cillian, who has a gift of synesthesia – the ability to link all five senses to her memory. She is like your Claudia of Warehouse 13 only 10 times smarter. We also have John Kim as Ezekiel Jones who is a master thief. Once the team is assembled its their job to retrieve an artifact called the crown of King Arthur. By the end of the episode you will be in shock from what happens, it ends on a cliffhanger, and trust me you will want to watch the second part. Just to tease you all; Finn is betrayed by someone he thought he could trust.



Agent Carter

Here's another brief teaser. [via SpoilerTV]


Here's a sneak peek at episode 5.11, "Reflections":

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Seems like they're casting way too young for Jean Grey IMO, especially since we saw both actors return at the end of the last one. I find Jackman as hot as the next straight male does but him lusting after Hitgirl is too icky. If they're flashbacks why not cast someone who looks like a younger whatsername, you know the one we already have?

Also WTF does that tweet about Crossbones mean, is it even English????