Who Knew Junked Keyboards Could Look So Beautiful?

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We all have a couple of old keyboards lying around at home. Not Sarah Frost, though — because she rips them to pieces and makes fine-looking art with them.

Frost's pieces are made entirely out of cast-off keys from computer keyboards. In fact, she uses so many that she doesn't just use the ones littering her place — she gathers keyboards from individuals, small businesses, financial institutions, government offices and Fortune 500 companies. Basically, anyone who has broken 'boards lying around.


The result? Artworks that cover entire walls with beautiful, aging technology. The mosaics are stunning, and to me evoke a sense of inquisitiveness about the interface between us and the digital world we inhabit. They also oddly remind me of the controversial portrait of UK serial killer Myra Hindley, but that probably says more about me than Frost's work.

If you like what you see, there's a permanent installation of Frost's work at The James hotel in New York City. [Sarah Frost via ScrapHacker via Make; Image: Sarah Frost]