Who Should Lose Their Superhero Card?

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Some superheroes are just more "super" than others. It's just a fact that the superhero genre is a catch-all, which includes a bunch of costumed adventurers and monsters — some of whom aren't even that heroic. So it's time to clean house at the Hall of Justice. Which characters should be stripped of the superhero label? It's up to you! Note: By popular demand, our polls now allow you to vote for more than one option. You can vote for all of them, if you feel like clicking all those boxes. Also, there's a write-in option, so you can let us know what slam-dunk candidates we left out. Enjoy! Also: I don't have anything in particular against Green Arrow. I just thought that was a funny pic to use to illustrate the poll. Ollie fans, don't hate me, okay?




Why all the hate for Howard the Duck. I don't think it was ever claimed he was a superhero to begin with. "Trapped in a world he never made" I believe the tagline was. Do not diss the duck, yo. Save your scorn for Mr. Castle. Psychotic feathermocker If I ever saw one.

Besides, Beverly waz soooo hawt. Oh, and that movie NEVER HAPPENED. Trust me.