Whoa, the Apple Watch Has Wireless Charging

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One interesting tidbit about the new Apple Watch is that it comes with wireless charging. That's pretty awesome on it's own, and notable for the fact that it's a technology that hasn't quite be sorted out quite yet.


The watch requires no alignment or exposed contacts—it uses a combination of magsafe tech with inductive charging to connect. And the whoa is not because it's new tech; it's not. It's just a field that's not quite as refined as what Apple tends to adopt; wireless charging is still fairly inefficient, and there are a few different competing standards.

But now that Apple is weighing in, it's bound to help wireless charging catch on in a wider way and help it get better.



Wireless charging has been around for awhile now. I'm not sure what you mean that it "hasn't been sorted out yet", but plenty of devices use it and it works great. It's not as efficient as a wired power connection will be but for small devices that doesn't matter.