Why Iron Fist and Luke Cage Clash at the Beginning of The Defenders

Image: Sarah Shatz/Netflix
Image: Sarah Shatz/Netflix

Comic book fans know that The Defenders’ Iron Fist and Luke Cage are destined to work together. But we’ve seen the trailers, we’ve seen the two of them fighting, and we know that it’s not friendship at first sight. So, what is the root of the problem?


io9 caught up with Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and Finn Jones (Danny Rand) at San Diego Comic-Con and asked them about the differences in their characters and what that means for them. “I’m kind of a guy that understands what it’s like to take care of community and neighborhoods and to be a one-on-one person. It’s grassroots, you know the people you’re protecting, you have a common bond with them,” Colter said of Luke’s approach to superhero-ing.

“I feel like I’m someone the people can touch and feel. It’s just one of those things, they know where I live,” he continued. “I don’t have a private jet.”

“That’s what’s nice when we first meet up,” said Jones. “Cause we have these two conflicting ideologies and not only in the way we tackle our situation, but also in where we come from. And it is interesting when we first get together that there is a tension of conflict between us. And we do have to work out our issues for us to then eventually, maybe, team up and work together.”

See the whole interview below. The Defenders comes to Netflix on August 18.



Real talk. Do I need to finish Iron Fist? Because so far it was 4 episodes of suck and pain.