Why Is Target Kicking Amazon Kindles Out of Its Stores?

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According to an internal memo leaked to the Verge, Target will be removing Amazon hardware from its stores in May and June, citing a "conflict of interest." At first glance, the instinct might be to start in on Ooooh, Target ereader or Oooh, Target TABLET. But the reality's probably not that fun.

It's more likely that Target's just kneeling at the altar of its own in-house Apple stores. Target is an authorized Apple reseller, and over the past year it's opened some Apple "mini stores" inside of its locations. That's a very profitable arrangement for Target, and we all know how well Apple plays with others. Interest conflicted.

This also probably isn't Target's Last Stand against the pillaging hordes of Amazon retail. The wording of the memo reads a little like that might be the case, since Target will "no longer sell Amazon hardware" but "continue to sell certain accessories," thereby divorcing itself from Amazon, but not (presumably third party) Kindle add-ons. But that course would be cutting off a very large nose to spite Amazon's face for Target. So no, sadly, there probably won't be any Target hardware, or any glorious resistance against Amazon's dominance. Just another dreary semi-victory for dreary Apple. [Verge]

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Isn't this illegal? How can you sell one product and refuse to sell the competing product?