WiGig's Super-Fast Transfer Demo Is a Glimpse of a Magical Future World

WiGig, the wireless tech that can dump massive amount of data extremely quickly over the 60GHz spectrum, is very awesome, but its relatively tiny 1-3m range makes it tough to come up with practical applications that are worth it to most people. This hyper-fast tablet-to-entertainment-system demo seems to be one of them.


In the demo, Panasonic shows how WiGig could let you take data from a tablet and push it to your car's screens without waiting for long transfer times, transferring a whole DVD (usually about 7-8GB) in a minute. Some of the language in the video implies that this might be a simulation, but if it even hints at the end product, it's pretty wonderful. Wireless transfers at this speed are the next step to creating the magical realism future worlds where stuff just works and moves around without waiting on progress bars. [DigiInfo via TechCrunch]

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Perked my ears up when they mentioned using this to monitor some diagnostics of your car.