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If you've been disappointed by the level of calories burning from flailing wrists, Wii Jog can add the element of walking into almost any Wii title.


Spotted a few months back in a less polished form, Wii Jog is a small, pedometer-like box that plugs into the Wiimote. You simply walk in place and aim the Wiimote the direction you'd like to go. Your onscreen persona should follow suit.


It's a bit hard to believe that Jog works for each and every game. There's a list of only 100 compatible titles for the PS2 version of Jog—the company claims "jOG works with any video [Wii] game, but some work better than others. We think it works best with sports games, shooters, platform and adventure games and our favourite game is Lego Star Wars." But for about $37, it's not a huge risk. [Firebox and NCG]

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