Will We Finally Get A Black Widow Movie? Plus A Ton More Marvel Rumors

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A Star Wars video game offers the briefest of hints about a new The Force Awakens location. Doctor Who casts a god. Learn more about Tomorrowland. Camren Bicondova talks Selina Kyle’s evolution on Gotham. Orphan Black’s creators discuss the clone conflict, plus big teasers for Arrow and The Flash. Spoilers Now!


Top image: Ant-Man.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

George Lucas briefly chatted with Stephen Colbert at the Tribeca Film festival about not watching the new trailer for the movie, and reiterates that none of his own story outline is being used:

“I have seen the first one,” Lucas said, referring to the first, shorter teaser released in November. “I just saw what was on CBS but I’m going to try to look at it. I want to see it on the big screen.”

“Well, you know, I hope it’s successful,” Lucas said about the new movies. “I hope they do a great job. I’m excited...I have no idea what they’re doing.”

[ E! Online]

The DLC preorder for the upcoming video game Star Wars Battlefront has revealed a small hint for the Star Wars universe in the run up to the movie. The add-on is for a map based on the planet Jakku, from The Force Awakens, 30 years before the events of the movie:

Pre-order Star Wars™ Battlefront™ and on December 1st, 2015, be among the first players to experience the Battle of Jakku, the pivotal moment when the New Republic confronted key Imperial holdouts on a remote desert planet in the Outer Rim. Taking place in the aftermath of the Rebel victory in the Battle of Endor, players will experience the events that created the massive, battle-scarred landscape of Jakku shown in Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™.

Presumably that crashed Star Destroyer from the trailer was part of this battle — and the description also seemingly confirms that the formerly-Expanded Universe idea of the “New Republic” will still have some role in the universe post-Return of the Jedi.


X-Men: Apocalypse

Bryan Singer has confirmed that Lucas Till will reprise his role as Havok. [ Bryan Singer on Twitter]


Star Wars: Rogue One

Ben Mendelsohn has denied the rumors that he will play a villain in the movie:

All I can say is that I’ve heard these rumors myself and I would be thrilled if something like that were to come to pass, and I can say with all truthfulness that there’s nothing definitive to those rumors. So who knows?


[ Coming Soon]


Coming Soon has an extensive description of the movie preview being shown at Disneyland. Here’s a short extract:

We begin at the 1964 World’s Fair which, as Disney aficionados are likely to know, marked the debut of the “It’s a Small World” ride. We’re following a young boy with a massive bag — even larger than he is — hung over his shoulder. As Richard and Robert Sherman’s “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” plays, we watch as he gets off a bus and makes his way through the fair with determination.

The boy soon reveals himself John Francis Walker (who, later in the film, will be played by George Clooney) as he tosses his bag onto a table in front of Hugh Laurie’s character, claiming that he has an invention that will win a competition they’re having. Inside the bag is revealed to be a jetpack, designed and built by the kid. Unfortunately, as we learn in a quick flashback that makes solid use of the theater’s motion seats, the thing doesn’t quite fly yet.


Go to the link for more. [ Coming Soon]

Ant-Man/Doctor Strange/Captain America: Civil War

JoBlo has an extensive blow out of information on the next three post- Age of Ultron Marvel movies. All these details come from an unnamed source, so take them with a pinch of salt. Here’s a few of the rumors:


On the fight scenes in Ant-Man:

There will be two big fights between the hero and villain in ANT-MAN; one that takes place in a briefcase as it falls out of a helicopter where they’re literally fighting around objects in the case; Lifesavers, keys, an iPhone, etc. and using said objects against one another. The final battle between both characters takes place in Scott Lang’s daughters’ room on the Thomas the Train set (as seen in the recent trailer). As the battle rages on, we’ll see both characters enlarge certain objects while they’re still shrunk, accidentally making a giant ant and, eventually, Thomas the Train, which crashes out of the bedroom, crushing a car on the street.


The characters in Civil War:

Pretty much every Avengers character that DOESN’T have their own franchise is going to appear in CIVIL WAR. Some we already know about, including Cap (obviously), Winter Soldier, Falcon, Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Hawkeye. We can also confirm the recently rumored Scarlet Witch, as well as The Vision, War Machine, and even Ant-Man. The non-hero villains are, as already confirmed, Baron Zemo and Crossbones.

Now, our source also indicated that this roster has some wiggle room, so there’s always the chance that a few may be shuffled out at some point, but right now this IS the plan. As for Spider-Man; Marvel is playing it close to the chest, so there’s no info on how he’s involved...yet. In terms of who’s facing off with who: So far it looks like Cap, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Falcon vs. Iron Man, War Machine, The Vision, and Ant-Man, with the Scarlet Witch and Black Panther somewhere in the mix. Oh, and expect to see Ant-Man take on the Giant-Man form in battle.


And Stephen Strange’s look in Dr. Strange:

Yep, DOCTOR STRANGE will be wearing the traditional outfit from the comics, complete with the red cape (albeit with a much smaller collar) and blue outfit. He will also have a vest of some sort, but either way will be going for an MCU version of the classic costume, which should be a relief for those that feared Marvel may not adhere to the traditional look.


Much, much more at the link. [ Joblo]

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson sat down with Collider and discussed the likeliness of Black Widow getting her own spinoff movie:

I’ve spoken to Kevin [Feige] about it. I mean, of course, of course we’ve had that conversation before, and I think Kevin would also like to see a standalone film. I think I can speak for him and say that. That’s all, really. Right now I think this character is used well in this part of the universe, but I think that Kevin — I mean, we’ve talked about it and we both share similar vision for what could be a standalone series.

My contract has changed. Marvel and myself didn’t really know how the fans were gonna react to Black Widow the first time and how she was gonna be — they couldn’t anticipate how they would want to use her or if they would want to use her. I mean we invested in that character, but the audience had a great reaction to the character, which has been so awesome. For instance, I wasn’t contracted into doing Cap movies, but that storyline worked out so well I kind of branched off and I found myself in that standalone movie. My contract is kind of mutating, I guess, or morphed to fit the demand of the character.


Avengers: Infinity War

Bleeding Cool has news from an unnamed source (so once again, salt shakers at the ready) that Marvel’s Netflix heroes — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist — will appear as the Defenders in the second part of the Infinity War duology.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron

War Machine invites you to the dance floor in the latest TV spot. [ Avengers on Facebook]

Orphan Black

Graeme Manson talks the conflict between the clones of Projects Leda and Castor:

You’re introducing the male clones this year. Is he going to play as many characters as Tatiana does, and how are you going to balance how much it’s the females versus the males?

Well, it’s definitely still Sarah’s story. It’s always been Sarah at the heart of this. So as Sarah tries to figure out who the boys are and what they want, it’s really, she is getting closer to their own story as well. So the boy clones have a lot of revelations for us, both about who they are and about who we are.

There’s always a big threat in each season, and is this season going to be, who’s fighting each other. Is it going to be the females versus the males?

Yeah. But it’s really, I don’t want to frame it like boys against the girls. Really, it’s far more complicated than that. Who’s pulling their strings, of course, because there’s always another level above us. Plus, Project Leda has its own issues to deal with. We’ve introduced another level at the end of last season, Topside above Dyad. So how they maneuver themselves within Dyad, how they protect themselves and how the sisters come together or are torn apart by these threats, really, that’s the spine of the show. That’s the heart of the show.


[ CBR]

He also sat down with Buddy TV to discuss where things will go for Rachel in Season 3:

But how long can Delphine keep Rachel’s status from Topside? “That’s certainly part of the thrill, and it’s certainly part of Delphine’s conundrum and her character’s storyline this year,” Manson explained. “How far will she go? How far can she go? And what kind of person is she willing to be to do so?”

The season premiere also saw Sarah learn that Rachel was planning to eliminate her fellow Leda clones and their loved ones. But now that Rachel is seemingly confined to that hospital bed for the immediate future and has suffered brain damage, is she still a threat? “Her situation, her medical [situation], the fact that she’s alive even, will be discovered,” Fawcett promised. “How much of a threat is she to our girls remains to be seen.”


Doctor Who

David Schofield has been cast as the Norse deity Odin — a role apparently first given to Brian Blessed, before the actor had to pull out due to illness. Odin appears in the two episodes currently filming, The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived. [Blogtor Who]


Scream: The TV Show

Wes Craven discusses the show’s design approach to Ghostface’s iconic mask:

“In general, we didn’t mess with the mask at all. It’s something we didn’t try to change. With Freddy and the New Nightmare, I felt that I probably should have stuck with the original face. [With Scream,] we just let Ghostface be Ghostface.”

Craven adds, “It would have been safer [not to change Freddy]. I’m not going to speculate in public, probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it, but you know, sometimes you realize that something’s not broken, so don’t fix it. And that was the course we took on all the Scream films: Don’t mess with that, it’s just perfect.”


[ THR]

The Messengers

Joel Courtney discusses what’s in store for Peter and the rest of the Messengers:

The end of the pilot episode heads most of the characters to Houston for different reasons. Is there a higher power calling them there?

In season one, most of the setting is supposed to be Houston. So we’re all drawn there by fate. None of us know each other, except for Raul and Erin who are in the same car riding together. It’s much more of a higher powered fate leading us there, I’d say. None of us specifically knows Houston.

The pilot left Peter pretty heartbroken. He’s done something really dark that most kids will never experience. How can he move forward and recover?

For Peter, that’s something that will be with him for the rest of his life. You know, he took a life. A kid’s life. Whether it was an accident or not, that’s kinda just in the details. He killed a guy. So, it’s something that he has to face and come to terms with. It’s something that will always be with him that he has to carry around.


[ Buddy TV]

Penny Dreadful

Here’s two new synopses for episodes 1 and 2 of the new seas:

Season Two begins with Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) barraged by an onslaught of disturbing occult images brought on by the mysterious Evelyn Poole (Helen McCrory). Because of the massacre he committed in the Mariner’s Inn, Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) decides to leave London. Under pressure from The Creature (Rory Kinnear), Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) works to bring Brona (Billie Piper) back to life. After Mina’s funeral, Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton) returns to London to discover that a whole new evil is hunting Vanessa.

Haunted by the witches, Vanessa (Eva Green) seeks solace from Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton). Scotland Yard Inspector Rusk (guest star Douglas Hodge) searches for the sole survivor of the Mariner’s Inn Massacre. Evelyn Poole (Helen McCrory) enchants Sir Malcolm. Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) gives the re-born Brona (Billie Piper) a new identity. The Creature (Rory Kinnear) gets a new job. Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) meets an intriguing woman with a secret. Ferdinand Lyle (Simon Russell Beale) reveals the disturbing backstory of the Verbis Diablo. Evelyn’s daughter, Hecate (guest star Sarah Greene), hunts down a prize for her mother.


[ Spoiler TV]


TV Line has 5 short teasers for “The Fallen”:

  • While you might have already glimpsed the steamy Oliver/Felicity sex scene in the promos, know that there’s still a surprise in store next week.
  • While Ollie is all for using the Lazarus Pit to save Thea’s life, Malcolm has a very surprising stand about the death-defying “magic hot tub” (as Felicity dubs it) and for good reason: The after effects ain’t pretty.
  • Someone says, “I love you all the more for it.”

More at the link. [TV Line]

The Flash

Candice Patton discusses how Iris will being to delve into the secrets being kept from her:

Will Iris continue digging into the disappearance of her colleague Mason Bridge, or do you think that’s she’s relieved to have gotten an answer — even though it’s not true — and move on?

I think she believes it to a degree, because Eddie is telling her this. And, again, she believes the men in her life. Foolishly, she believes them. But how could she not? They’ve only ever told her the truth, and they’ve only ever been honest with her. So she believes them at their word. But I think that Iris is smart enough to know that that’s not fitting together quite right. So I think in the back of her mind, she’s going to continue to mull over the fact that something is weird with Mason, and he didn’t just go to Brazil.


[ CBR]

Arrow/Flash Spinoff

Speaking at Cape Comic Con, John Wesley Shipp referred to the spinoff as being titled Legends, saying that it will run for 13 episodes. [Spoiler TV]



Here’s a brief synopsis for “Dead Air”:

LIV HAS A VISION THAT MIGHT BE A GAME CHANGER — Liv (Rose McIver) and Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) work together to solve the murder of a morning radio talk show host who specialized in relationship straight talk. Liv becomes filled to the brim with insight after consuming the brains, making Clive extremely uncomfortable when Liv starts getting personal. Meanwhile, Peyton (guest star Aly Michalka “Easy A”) steps in to help Major (Robert Buckley), and Blaine (David Anders) issues a warning. Lastly, Ravi’s (Rahul Kohli) unexpected romantic connection has the potential to make things awkward for Liv.


[ Ksite TV]

The Originals

And here’s one for “Fire with Fire”:

FAMILY DIVIDED — After discovering that he’s been betrayed by his own siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) teams up with an unlikely ally and sets off on a warpath, hell bent on revenge. Amidst the news that Klaus is on the loose, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) move forward with their plan to lure Dahlia (guest star Claudia Black) to the compound and take her down once and for all. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) attempt to escape through the flooded bayou, even as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) finds himself hunted by a dangerous new threat. Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) is presented with an offer that could allow her the chance to bring back Kol, though it will require her to make a life-altering decision.


[ Ksite TV]

Cami tries to help Klaus in this clip from “When the Levee Breaks”. [ Spoiler TV]

The Vampire Diaries

Here’s a synopsis for “I’ll Wed You In The Golden Summertime”:

ALARIC AND JO’S BIG DAY — It’s Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo’s (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) wedding day and Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) do their best to help a stressed out Jo with the last minute preparations. After uncovering some life-changing news that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has been keeping from him, Stefan (Paul Wesley) takes his brother on a road trip to give him some perspective on his future with Elena. Elsewhere, when Caroline (Candice Accola) returns to Mystic Falls after dealing with the fallout of her humanity-free rampage, she begins making amends with her friends and comes to a realization about her and Stefan’s prospects of being together. Finally, when Bonnie begins having vivid nightmares that Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) is coming after her, she enlists Matt’s (Zach Roerig) help in taking Lily down.


Here’s some promo pictures for “Because” and “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You”. [ Buddy TV]

Illustration for article titled Will We Finally Get A Black Widow Movie? Plus A Ton More Marvel Rumors
Illustration for article titled Will We Finally Get A Black Widow Movie? Plus A Ton More Marvel Rumors


Sam gives Rowena a call in this clip from “The Werther Project”. [ Spoiler TV]

Here’s a synopsis for “Dark Dynasty”:

THE WINCHESTERS MEET THE STYNES — Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate a bizarre murder and realize the killer bears the same tattoo as those from the Styne family. Eldon Styne (guest star David Hoflin) attacks Dean and a brutal fight ensues. Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) acts as referee when Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) are forced to work together on the Book of the Damned. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) discovers his mother is missing and knows she’s up to something so he turns to an old enemy for help.


[ Ksite TV]

Agents Of SHIELD

Here’s a brief press release for “Scars”:

“Scars” – Skye is torn between her loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. and her connection to the Inhumans as tensions rise between the groups — and Coulson reveals a secret he’s been hiding from even those closest to him, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”.


[ Marvel]

Fitz goes on the run from Gonzales’ agents in this clip from “The Frenemy of My Enemy”. [ Spoiler TV]

Here’s some promo pictures for “The Dirty Half Dozen”. [ Spoiler TV]

Illustration for article titled Will We Finally Get A Black Widow Movie? Plus A Ton More Marvel Rumors
Illustration for article titled Will We Finally Get A Black Widow Movie? Plus A Ton More Marvel Rumors


Finally, Fox have released a veritable bevy of clips from tonight’s episode, “Under the Knife”. Here’s Camren Bicondova discussing Selina Kyle’s first kill and three clips — go here to see more. [TV Guide]

Additional reporting by Abhimanyu Das and Charlie Jane Anders.




I have been on a self-imposed ban from watching any of the Avengers clips/trailers for about a month now. They have release way too much stuff. Its like you could take all the video clips and splice them together to watch 75% of the actual movie.