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Windows Phone 7 Tablet Concept Should Be Real

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

LG, Samsung and ASUS have all developed hardware for Windows Phone 7, but none tickle my fancy quite as much as this WP7 tablet concept, which has a kickstand that folds into a keypad, and joystick controls on the back.


It's the work of designer Umang Dokey, who dreamt up the 8-inch tablet with two webcams and the aforementioned hardware niceties. The two joysticks would be ideal for gaming, acting like shoulder buttons—they could even be handy when scrolling through documents or the web. A kickstand that folds in front to become a keypad is a terrific idea—especially when it's implemented into the actual device, unlike the iPad's keyboard kickstand. [Umang Dokey via Recombu]


Tablet Concept - running Windows Phone 7 Series from umang on Vimeo.