Wireless WildCharger for RAZR and iPod Nano Coming This Month

WildCharge has finally announced their first production unit—the Motorola RAZR. For $89.99, you get the starter bundle including charging pad and phone adapter. The adapter is really a back plate replacement for the RAZR that has a "charging arm" that plugs into the phone. In other words, wires are involved, just not between the charging pad and the phone itself. Expect sales to being sometime this month, possibly tomorrow if they are on schedule. The second device to be produced by WildCharger will work with the iPod Nano.


Pricing will be the same as for the RAZR, and it will be available in August. The only way the WildCharger is economical, or even practical, is if you can use it with all your mobile devices. Hopefully the company will ramp up production and introduce units more often than one/month.


Thanks John!

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