There’s a lot of reasons that factor into Gundam’s runaway success with Witch From Mercury, but it’s difficult not to put at least some focus on the introduction of the franchise’s first-ever primary female protagonist in Suletta Mercury. And to go a step further, making a driving aspect of the series’ story Suletta’s close, romantically intertwined relationship with another female character, Miorine Rembran, has garnered the series even more interest as the franchise begins to explore what could be one of its first major, explicitly queer relationships in its half-decade history.

Witch From Mercury has yet to be confirmed to run more than 24 episodes, released across two seasons, the latter of which is currently still airing. But if it’s delivered Gundam to highs its never seen before, there’s probably a good chance the end of season two will not be the last time we see Suletta, Miorine, and their friends. Unless someone gets splatted before then, of course.


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